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Our eyes see flies, our eyes see ants…

The best book ever.

Frightening flashes of my mother’s genes

Yesterday I talked to a head start program based in Utah that is going to send someone over next week to give Leta a full physical and mental assessment. I was on the phone with the secretary for what seemed like hours giving her all of the relevant information: Your child’s ethnicity? As white as [...]

My Little X-Treme Pony

Who’s ready for more drunk blogging? ARE YOU READY? YEAH? YEAH!

I was on the phone with my sister tonight outside in the front yard waiting for Jon to call and say that he was on his way home. He has had to work late recently BECAUSE! OF ALL THOSE THINGS WE CAN’T TALK ABOUT HERE! Can we talk about those things anywhere anymore? NO. Why? [...]

Leave me my tonles!

I thought my mother had thrown out my red Mead spiral notebook from second grade, but when my father moved here a couple weeks ago and dropped off all my boxes from childhood I found it underneath a stack of typed vocabulary lists and sentences. Starting in fifth grade I started typing all my homework [...]

Dum and Dee

Jon salvaged the hard drive, and we browsed all of our old photos last night. Here’s one from our wedding day. So innocent and so already drunk.

Walk this way

Earlier this week I decided to take Leta back to physical therapy to have someone assess whether or not I need to be worried about the way she is walking. Leta is almost nineteen months old and she still isn’t walking by herself. She must be holding on to something with both hands in order [...]

Having just returned from the groomer Charles looks dashing! in his jaunty kerchief

Interstate love song

It’s called the Leather Anniversary because at this point in the relationship you need to buy something with which you can beat

This morning I decide to take Chuck and Leta for a walk and I need to get her stroller out of the back of the truck. After poring over the contents of my purse and inspecting every surface in the house I cannot find my keys, and then I remember that I had taken them [...]