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Internal Digital Readout

Ever since Jon quit his job Leta has been sleeping in until 8 AM, two hours later than usual. This is typical Leta behavior and I should have seen it coming: whenever Mama could get a potential break because Dad is going to be at home she goes ahead and gives us both a break [...]


“She’s a doctor. OF COURSE she has no tact.”

Touched by His Noodly Appendage

This just doesn’t ever get old.



I was ten years old when my parents got divorced. They sat me and my brother and sister around the kitchen table to tell us that the separation hadn’t worked. I was more devastated than the other two even though I had seen it coming. They had been yelling at each other for years, arguments [...]

Who knew that the guy who started Blogger also created a bourbon for bloggers?

Ev, we had no idea! And here’s His Talkness Who Talks A Lot Every Day With The Talking partaking of the bourbon for bloggers. He can drink and talk at the same time.

Leta found religion

This is Leta’s first piece of art (other than what she has written on her belly and arms). You may think that this is just an incoherent scribbling from an infant, and if you do then you obviously have no faith in Him, “He who created all that we see and all that we feel.” [...]

Malfunction junction

Something has gone wrong with something somewhere and my daily photo is not appearing in the sidebar. Jon is furiously trying to figure out what is wrong and talking in a language I do not understand. He is sporting Movable Type Hair as I write this. You can see the daily photo here for now. [...]

Hobo baby opening programs we didn’t even know we had on that machine

I’m so glad when Daddy comes home

For the past few days I’ve been letting friends and family members know that Jon quit his job. I usually tell people in the middle of a phone conversation by saying, “Oh, and by the way, Jon quit his job.” Every time I hang up the phone Jon asks me if I’m just going to [...]