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Our leisurely Sunday afternoon an ocean away

Sunday afternoon we spent several hours walking around Amsterdam in a windy rainstorm. We found walking to be the best way to experience the city, but after three hours of enduring constant rain and being unable to take a single good photograph we walked back to the hotel where we climbed into bed to take [...]

Lake effect snow, a long long way from Amsterdam

Jon at the Stedelijk Museum

At the flower market


Jon and I are getting on a plane to return home in about four hours. There are so many stories to tell and more pictures to post, and we’ve tried to spend the last two days soaking in the city. Our experience here had been nothing short of transforming — we want to pack the [...]

Traveling companion

Lost in Translation

I feel incredibly rude that I don’t know much Dutch even though all the advice I got before we left was, “Don’t worry, everyone there started learning English in second grade,” which you might guess is earlier than when I started learning it. I want to speak the native language if only out of a [...]

Email from my father, subject: Leta Chiqiteta, which made my insides spontaneously combust

Hi Feather, Sorry I haven’t checked e-mail sooner but I’ve been busy being a grandfather with my most little, most precious, most precocious granddaughter. She is doing splendidly…she has a few moments of nostalgia when she sees your picture on the stereo downstairs and points and says “Mommie.” She is eating well, has had two [...]

Where my perspective becomes useful

This just needs to be talked about: every bathroom in the world should come equipped with the toilet we have in our hotel room. That thing could flush a four-story brick building if it had to. The force of the water is so intense that one flush most likely sends everything out through the canal [...]

Amsterdam: Day One

Yesterday we had lunch across the street at Cafe Americain where I had Drie Boeren Broodjes, perfectly yummy bread and cheese and pastrami, while Jon had some monstrously offensive slab of what they claimed was chicken covered in peanut butter. I willingly had a bite off his plate before knowing that IT WOULD BITE ME [...]