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A can of worms

Lately the most frequently asked question sent to me in email (other than 1) what kind of dog is Chuck? SuperMutt, and 2) how do you pronounce Leta? Rhymes with pita) is: what is your take on “Big Love,” the new HBO series about a polygamist who lives in Utah? I have been reluctant to [...]

Building blocks

Moments before both of them refused to eat breakfast


Every night after Leta’s bath we lather her entire body with lotion to help protect her skin against the dry winter air. She loves this part of the routine and anticipates it by wiggling her feet frantically and chanting, “SHOSHUN! SHOSHUN! SHOSHUN!” For months Jon and I have been trying to teach her the correct [...]

In a family way

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for my side of the family starting when my cousin (and DORJ!’s brother), Robert, and his wife gave birth to their first child, Maci. DORJ! is one of three sons, and the birth of this granddaughter has turned my Uncle Danny, Curdled Turd Bump of Incomprehensible Stink, into [...]

Traffic sperm

Chuck, crackbaby

As part of ongoing experimentation with features on this website which recently has included opening up comments, purchase of a dedicated server to handle bandwidth, and new mastheads every month, I’ve decided to expand this site’s content to include weekly video and audio posts. We experimented with audio before (here and here), and that will [...]

I can’t fight this feeling any longer

My mother called yesterday to see how Leta was doing and lamented that she so badly wanted to come over and take her for the day. My response to that was GIVE IN TO THE URGE, MOTHER. Why fight those feelings? My life is nothing but a textbook example of what the repression of urges [...]

Just a good ole boy

Learning to enjoy the winter