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The Shape of a Mother

The Shape of a MotherImages of real bodies before and after pregnancy. Absolutely stunning and beautiful. Some NSFW. Makes me now feel more proud of the stretch marks I got on my thighs while carrying Leta. (thanks, Valerie)

Why you don’t want me to watch your kids

While attending a wedding by myself on Saturday night (Jon was off terrorizing innocent woodland creatures with his clogs), I stood behind two adolescent boys in the buffet line. Both of them turned their noses up at the endless variety of sushi laid out in beautiful, color-coordinated designs. By the time they had made it [...]

If we would let her, she would sleep in here

Losing the battle

Last night Jon put his clogs in the dishwasher. Where we wash our dishes. The dishes that hold the food that we put into our mouths. A chunk of my tongue fell off this morning when I took a bite of cereal. Then, dressed in nothing but a black t-shirt and pair of black boxer [...]


Yet another action shot taken by the Pack Leader.

Another instance when my early twenties continue to haunt me

About a year and a half ago I noticed what I thought was a scar on my left shoulder that seemed to be increasing in circumference very slowly. A few months later while getting a general check-up with my doctor, I showed her the scar and she said to keep an eye on it, that [...]

Star Wars On Earth

Star Wars On EarthPhotos of Star Wars characters mixed with Parisian architecture.

He also used to drip spit in my face

My next piece about my brother’s obsession with Superman is up at Alpha Mom: “It was my brother who had the most impact on the things I was interested in, and over the course of my childhood he introduced me to the finer elements of our generation’s culture, things like Journey and Star Wars and [...]

Experimenting with depth of field

Size 5