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Long live Chuck Fridays!

Powazek: Just a Thought: Love and Penguins

Powazek: Just a Thought: Love and PenguinsThis has to be the most romantic thing I have ever read.

The most hard-earned year yet

Four years ago today Jon and I eloped at Yosemite National Park. We’ve been pretty good in the past about getting each other gifts, but recent sicknesses and stresses and large medical bills got in the way of things this year. Last night as I served a bowl of tomato soup to my still-very-sick husband [...]

Juniper and Leta

Juniper and Leta We got to spend a couple wonderful hours with the Sweet Junipers on their way across country.

It hasn’t been a boring four years

How to Charm Me

Make the argument that although you’re somewhat embarrassed that your child now picks her nose in front of other people with an uncomfortable flagrance, you would rather that she eat the booger than walk over and wipe it on your pants. That is exactly the type of parenting they should teach in classes.

Lullaby renditions of Radiohead I absolutely covet this. (thanks, Britany)

Making warm memories before the season ends

Begging for commentary

“Bershon is pretty much how you feel when you’re 13 and your parents make you wear a Christmas sweatshirt and then pose for a family picture, and you could not possibly summon one more ounce of disgust, but you’re also way too cool to really even DEAL with it, so you just make this face [...]