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Make a very good case for the superiority of small dogs

Bug and Chieka.

Fog rolling into San Francisco

First family vacation since I promised I would never do this again

Jon and I flew with Leta to San Francisco this afternoon. I’m writing this from our hotel room in Cole Valley while Jon drives back to the airport to pick up a bag we left circling on the baggage carousel. The bag containing every single thing we packed for Leta, including clothes, diapers, and the [...]

Katie Couric, now 80% less awkward

My next piece about Katie Couric’s move to the evening news is up at Alpha Mom: There is no question that the words people are using to describe Katie’s performance indicate a general unease about a woman anchoring such a major news show. Did anyone mention Brian WIlliams’ tie on the night he took over [...]

Strange cloud formations

Strange cloud formations “Lens-shaped clouds that are often mistaken for UFO’s.” Beautiful.

He is secretly very proud of this talent

Almost worse than clogs

Jon scored one of his hugest victories yet in our marriage recently when he successfully introduced Leta to black licorice, Grossest Substance on Earth. I guess I should say re-introduced, because it was my step-father who initially offered her a piece of Black Death a little over a month ago. I had hoped that maybe [...]

This is a sickness

This is a sickness There is a part of me that wishes I felt as passionate about something as this person does about ponies. (via electrolicious)

New Kids On The Block: Step by Step

New Kids On The Block: Step by Step In honor of the skinny jeans I just bought. Watch closely, because the move Jordan Knight pulls at about 1:11 was a sequence played over and over in my dreams. And that makes this all the more tragic.

5th South, headed West