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Not your toothbrush

Not your toothbrush “Wherein I resolve never to buy multipacks of anything ever again. Ever.”

Setting me straight

I’m reading Leta a book about various animals: animals on a farm, animals in trees, animals on the plains of Africa. She points out the chickens, the cows, the zebras and lions and birds. She even recognizes the rhinoceros, although I have no idea who taught her that. Probably Elmo, because Elmo teaches her a [...]

Saturn boob lamps hanging from the ceiling at a local club

Mining on the side of the freeway

A skill every Mormon is required to possess

Thanks to Jon for snapping this.


Victory “You REALLY want black licorice? I will get you some, because that is at least six hundred elephants of awesome.” UGGGGGHH. FOILED!

Having dated walking red flags

My friend, Maggie, recently had a book published. It’s called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, and it’s filled with suggestions (oddly, 100 of them) of things you could write a blog post about. I thought that a good way to celebrate her success with this publication would [...]

In the headlights

Oliver, daily: 15 September 2006

Oliver, daily: 15 September 2006My goal in life is to achieve whatever he is feeling to have assumed this position.

If Richard III had a four-year-old

If Richard III had a four-year-old“If there’s a skill any child should cultivate, it’s the ability to sleep through a midnight face-plant.”