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November 2006

Til death do us part

A month and a half ago Jon and I applied for life insurance as part of an overall financial plan for our future — within two years we will have saved enough money to pay for 400 bags of Doritos, that is Goal Number One — and as part of the application process we both [...]

Photos from piotr m

Photos from piotr m Large collection of phenomenal dog photos. Especially love this one, this little guy, and this gangster. I’d also like to dress up as this guy for Halloween.

Black tar out of Satan’s brain

Yet another reason I married the right one

We’re watching The Bachelor when the guy playing the Bachelor greets one of the four women whom he will eventually have to whittle down to one. The girl is walking toward him with open arms, and her dog, a cute black pug, scuttles underneath her feet. The pug obviously wants some cuddles, but the Bachelor [...]

365 days of superior snuggableness

The Chuckles 2007 12-Month Calendar is finally here, and you know what that means? World peace can only be around the corner. I have a feeling that if I ever quit being a professional whiner blogger, I might have a career in dog-wrangling, at least in terms of providing a service to say, an individual [...]

Sunset over the University of Utah

iPod Etiquette

iPod Etiquette “When you’re likely to run into someone you know in a communal space, leave your iPod behind, or at least remove one earbud so you can hear someone greeting you; then you can remove the other earbud. If you don’t feel like greeting people, consider addressing that with your therapist.”

Oh dear, I do believe this is against the Word of Wisdom*

* Word of Wisdom.

What it is like

Usually I would put a link like this over to the left under the Daily Links section, but I think it’s important enough to include here in the main content. A columnist for the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, Chris Rose, an admitted skeptic of depression, finds himself struggling to cope with overwhelming feelings of hopelessness [...]