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A rare moment when the two of them are sitting still simultaneously

Many thanks to my Dad for taking this photo. I love you, Pop.

Exercise, discipline, affection

The new season of The Dog Whisperer started this week, or at least I think it did because an episode we haven’t seen showed up on the TiVo. Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around how Leta’s entire notion of television will be completely different than my own because she can pause [...]

Photos that look like CGI renderings

Photos that look like CGI renderings A photoset of High Dynamic Range images, those created from a set of photos taken with a range of exposure. This one and this one are unbelievable.

Somewhere over Western Utah

Single-handedly destroying 30 years of pleasant reading

Saturday’s edition of the Salt Lake Tribune included a Reader Advocate section with the title “Blogger’s saga ignites some sparks among readers” with the following quotes from a few upset subscribers in reaction to the piece about my website: I have subscribed to The Tribune for nearly 40 years. Until recently I have looked forward [...]

Shallow corner of The Great Salt Lake

Noodly appendage

The number one request I receive in my inbox, other than SHOW US UR BOOBZ!!!!, is for a video of us torturing Chuck with spaghetti noodles, a pastime that has been documented here and here. Months ago I made the decision that we’d get it on tape, but then I stopped making pasta because there [...]

Attention: I have some things to say about Goldfish snack crackers.

Attention: I have some things to say about Goldfish snack crackers. “Pardon me, Pepperidge Farm, but did you just insinuate that my snack cracker is some kind of pussy?”

Desert herd


“Leta, do you want another piece of licorice?” “No, actually, I want a candy bar. A chocolate candy bar.” “I was hoping for a ‘yuck, never again’ but that response will do!”