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Wife, mother, Utah blogger

Several times over the last few weeks both Jon and I have spoken to a local reporter for a story that was going to run in the Salt Lake Tribune, one that would commemorate the anniversary of placing graphic ads on this website. We have been a little wary when speaking to local reporters before [...]

The Record Store Cats!

The Record Store Cats! Because somewhere deep inside me is a cat person.

My first trip to the Great Salt Lake

A duck says quack

“Is Daddy a bear?” (Jon lets out a violent roar.) “Noooooooo.” “Is he a dog?” (Jon barks, begs for a treat, balances a book on his head.) “Noooooooo. He’s not a dog!” “How about a cat? Is Daddy a cat?” (Jon meows and then licks his paws, pretends to cough up a wad of hair [...]

Why I cannot stop giggling

Why I cannot stop giggling This one is pretty good, too. And also this one. And this one. I have never wanted to cuddle with a poodle like I do now.

This is a Hamilton expression if there ever was one

On to more important things

Did you know about this? BECAUSE I ONLY JUST NOW FOUND OUT. Is that really my voice? Yes. Yes, it is. Does it normally echo like that? Always. Doesn’t yours?


Aquookie! “Aquookies are wookies that somehow hypersped evolution and quickly adapted to the deepest parts of the ocean. Their fur has become slimy and resembles a bright tropical seaweed.” Like, totally.

That noise she is making? It will stop soon, right?

Here goes nothing

At the beginning of July I was served court papers. The case is a matter of public record, and I’m sure anyone who wanted to do a little research could read every sordid detail, or at least the plaintiff’s one-sided account of the details, but I’m not going to get into any of the specifics [...]