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January 2007

A Very Elmo Christmas

Our holiday was really quite wonderful, a whirlwind marathon of food and gifts and family. We split our time among several different houses in far corners of the Salt Lake valley, a day with my mother, a night with my father, and a couple afternoons with Jon’s mother. This marks one of the first times [...]

Maggie is in the homestretch

Maggie is in the homestretchIt is because I remember all of this so vividly that we have put off trying to have another.


Claire Kramer Photography

Claire Kramer Photography I’m really inspired by this woman’s eye. This one and this one are just stunning. (via Camilla)

Waiting for the C train

Snaggletooth and Soledad

A producer at CNN sent me an email a few days before the last trip I took to New York to tell me that the round table discussion I had taken part in would be airing that weekend. And then, of course, I didn’t read that email until after I had returned from NY, after [...]

Standing over the East River

Heading south on Lafayette in SoHo

A Christmas Tradition