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Amsterdam Recap, The Part Where My Father’s Computer Explodes

One of my favorite experiences from our recent trip was meeting up with some of my readers who call Amsterdam home. On our second night in the city after a long day of touring museums — the few hours we spent at the Van Gogh Museum alone made the whole trip worth it; having studied [...]

Ice dancing

Jon took these photos of me at the top of the Snake Creek Express lift at Brighton Ski Resort yesterday. These are some of the moves I learned from watching my Darrin’s Dance Grooves DVD.

I am married to Sasquatch

I pulled those hairs out of Jon’s eyebrows, and then Leta used one of them as a jump rope.

Drunken Olympic blogging without the drinking

We’re watching the Olympics tonight, the Giant Slalom, when the uncomfortably large Austrian competitor, Hermann “The Herminator” Maier, starts his run down the mountain. He’s got thighs the size of a grain elevator, and right as he jumps out of the gate his jaw juts out to reveal a set of teeth I once saw [...]

When correcting her would be the wrong thing to do

One of Leta’s favorite exercises in interaction is bidding an enthusiastic farewell to things. When she’s finished brushing her teeth she hands me the toothbrush to put back into the drawer and says, “Bye bye, teeth!” Whenever I come back into the house after retrieving the newspaper off the porch she will run over to [...]

Having someone else clothe, bathe, and feed her is hard, exhausting work

Amsterdam Recap, Part One of Many

By our second day in Amsterdam the jet lag had finally subsided due in no small part to an over-the-counter sleeping pill, three shots of Oude Jenever and twelve hours of uninterrupted, coma-like sleep. Before we left I had received an inbox full of advice on how to cope with jet lag, but by our [...]


Going Big, by Jon: “When I was in bands, we’d get pissy when another local band got to go to South by Southwest, or when another local band got a better time slot at a show, or recognized for some great work. Really stupid stuff that was very small. It didn’t make the other band [...]


Sketchbook by Lotte Klaver in Amsterdam (thanks for the link, Paul)

My Peanut Butter Puddlywumpers