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April 2006

Healthy sleep habits, grumpy baby

If Jon and I decide to try and have another child there are so many things that I will do differently. At the top of that list is WILL NOT INTRODUCE GUMMY BEARS INTO THE DIET. For the last month we have heard nothing but Leta’s plaintive gummy bear song, a mournful yearning for her [...]

Skittlebear Bunkins Boo

Now she knows her ABC’s, mostly

What you won’t hear on this audio post are the countless number of times we started recording her singing the ABC song only to have her stop at seven letters in, not because she couldn’t remember the rest but because she realized she had leverage. By all indications we are raising a hostage negotiator. Click [...]

Cut and colored

They’re letting anyone write a children’s book these days

I found these books in a toy store up the street yesterday and took pictures with Jon’s cameraphone. Then I saw this board game: And turned it over to find this on the back of the box:

Past participle

“You’re expecting a call from him, right? Has he called yet?” “No. He probably hasn’t even woken up yet. Wait . . . is that the right tense? Is that even a word? Woken? Why was my initial thought to say, ‘He hasn’t done waked up yet.’?” “Because where you come from ‘conjugation’ is something [...]

When I told her she couldn’t wear red socks she took matters into her own hands

Gateway behavior to felony assault

Some of you are going to find this utterly monstrous but Leta still sleeps in her crib and not a toddler bed. She hasn’t yet figured out that she can climb out of it, and because of this built-in restraining mechanism she’ll be sleeping in a crib until she’s eight. Right now the crib also [...]

Wearing the silkscreened mug of her idol

Every day since Leta’s birth I have read to her from the Anils of Dash. When we got this t-shirt in the mail yesterday from the wonderful people at Mule Design she couldn’t have been more excited if Elmo had hand-delivered it.