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September 2006

Mojo vs. Chuck

Mojo vs. ChuckHilarious video of Mojo the Bulldog’s attempt to be just like The Former Congressman. This makes me want to run out right now and adopt a Bulldog. (See also Fussy’s newest family member, Cookie. We will miss Katie dearly.)


Dutch and Wood travelled across country with their 19-month-old daughter, Juniper, to their new home in Michigan. On their way they stopped by and let Juniper show Leta how to use her many plastic toys: all at once. They and anyone else who can survive a car trip like that with a toddler have an [...]

In sickness and in health

A little over a month ago both Jon and I volunteered to participate in a whooping cough vaccination research study. WARNING: SHAMEFUL MENTION OF THAT TINY SPOT OF SKIN CANCER FORTHCOMING. I had just had my arm cut open to remove a tiny, insignificant, not-at-all worth mentioning area of skin cancer, and I could get [...]

Tez Humphreys | Illustration

Tez Humphreys | IllustrationUnbelievable collection of collage work.

Charles, likes to cuddle, can protect an entire village from a hailstorm with one ear

When watching too much television actually comes in handy

My next piece about the 2006 Emmy Awards is up at Alpha Mom: The other stand-out was Katherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy whose dress was the only thing during the entire evening that made me pause the television. Both my husband and I went from lying down on the couch to sitting up straight and [...]

On the beach at Bear Lake

Beyond her years

Since Jon has been home and is providing an extra set of hands, I thought I might once again be able to perform certain duties with the ease that I did before I had a child. In some instances this is true, I no longer burn the pasta sauce because half of my attention is [...]

Athenaeum Press : Limited Edition Letterpress Prints by Peder Singleton

Athenaeum Press : Limited Edition Letterpress Prints by Peder Singleton3 color letterpress prints of imagery found in and around Salt Lake City. An interesting perspective of this little city. (via Authentic Boredom)