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A merry little Christmas

Last night we played a white elephant gift game with all of Jon’s family, and when it came time for Leta to choose a present she carefully looked over the remaining 10 boxes and picked the one with the shiniest wrapping paper. Inside was a Men’s XXL black t-shirt, and on the front was a [...]

Blurbomat | NYC

Blurbomat | NYC “There are moments in urban living where you must surrender to the tide and surf it like the bastard that it is.”

I know because I have cousins from Dallas

“Why is she screaming?” “WHY? Because I told her we needed to put her pants on.” “Why would you do that?” “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Because she needs to wear pants! It’s 15 degrees outside! THERE MUST BE PANTS ON THE BODY.” “But I don’t even wear pants after four o’clock. It’s not like we’re [...]

All is merry and bright

Times Square with black eye

Jon took this on our first night in the city.

There is a moral in here somewhere

Jon and I got home very late Monday night after spending the day wandering around the Upper West Side taking pictures and suffocating the urge to punch and/or throttle several people in the service industry whom we were going to tip generously if only they hadn’t lifted their legs to pee on our shoes. After [...]

Tampon Crafts, Special Christmas Edition

Tampon Crafts, Special Christmas Edition Because I had no idea my feminine products were so versatile. (Thanks, Kristine)

Bobby takes a smoke break at the Lincoln Center

Jon calls this his Sad Clown of Life persona. I call it Bobby. Bobby likes to smoke and complain about his sciatica.

A very festive Empire State Building

Having used more four-letter words than necessary

This is a photo I took while walking through Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon. The weather has been phenomenal, and yesterday as we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and looked back at the magnificent skyline, towering and magical, I got a little too much sun on my face and am now feeling guilty that [...]