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Roasting himself in front of the fire

Having given birth to a force of nature

This morning I was lucky enough to wake up to this refreshing email from a lovely woman named Catherine: Leta’s room looks like a room that was cleaned and organized after a child had died. It is the saddest, most boring and depressing children’s room I have ever seen. Btw, when you showed the pics [...]

Conan installs a Walker Texas Ranger lever

Conan installs a Walker Texas Ranger lever “Was that a dream sequence, looking back, or does one of those two people have glaucoma?” (thanks, Brooke)

Late night reading

Recommended daily allowance

“Why did you buy cat food?” “I didn’t. What are you talking about?” “There’s a can of cat food in our bag.” “Oops! I guess the checker accidentally put it in there.” “What are we going to do with a can of cat food?” “I don’t know, maybe Chuck will eat it.” “Are you kidding?! [...]

Blurbomat: Why we switched to Canon

Blurbomat: Why we switched to Canon Jon explains all the technical reasons behind the purchase of our new camera, plus talks about the lenses and other gear we’re using.

Louis Mortimer Armstrong

A selection of recent spam

Just now I got a spam with a subject that made it look like it was going to be filled with fake stock tips, and as I was marking it as junk I noticed that inside it said this: Hurry! Act now to secure your weblog toast! Did you know about this? Because I had [...]

Things My Boyfriend Says

Things My Boyfriend Says “Why are people always stealing my ideas? Like penis in vagina sex. MY IDEA.” Oh dear God, this is a funny site.

Early morning, a rare good mood