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I promised her I wouldn’t say anything mean or untrue, and I tried my best

My good friend, Annie, had a baby a few weeks before Christmas, a son named Sam who looks just like his father. Sam joins big sister, Izzy, who was born only two days before Leta. Annie asked if Jon and I would be willing to take a few pictures of her kids so that she [...]

Against Depression

Against Depression “It’s as seductive as a wife-beater, shutting out other voices to turn itself into your only friend. The only one who tells the truth about the bleakness of the world.” An incredible piece on why we shouldn’t have to live with depression. (thanks, Houston)

Valentine M&M’s

The sound of a car that won’t start

Last night as we were eating dinner Leta started singing a song that I have not ever heard, probably because she was making it up as she was going along, inserting words from every song she knows into one chorus, with Barney coming around the mountain in a row boat. The whole song was off [...]

Video of drivers in Portland who are unable to control their cars on ice

Video of drivers in Portland who are unable to control their cars on ice The best/worst part of this video is that you can hear all the metal crunching. (via Kottke)


The 2007 Golden Globes

My next piece about the Golden Globe awards is up at Alpha Mom: The Globes have a fighting chance at being fun because they never include a cloying musical number performed by an aging artist — usually Sting when they can’t book Phil Collins — from an animated show I haven’t even heard of. Plus, [...]

AtomFilms: Useless Dog

AtomFilms: Useless Dog Guiness, a sheepdog who is afraid of sheep. Doesn’t mind cows so much. Is definitely a cuddle-bear. Great short film. (thanks, Gem)

Winding down before bedtime

When we put Leta’s pajamas on at night she likes to pull the shirt she has worn all day up over her head like it is a hat. Last night she did this when Jon put her into her pajamas, and then she walked into the kitchen where I was wiping down the counters. “Mama!” [...]

The polar ice caps aren’t melting, they’re just relocating here

Jon and I headed up to a ski resort on Saturday to do some boarding, and since it was my first trip this season my stomach was a tangled stew of anxious flip-flops, a welcome feeling because sometimes I think the Prozac works too well, makes me sort of immune to all emotions, not just [...]