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Don’t knock my hobbies

I’m in the kitchen slicing a green pepper to put into a pot of pasta sauce when I hear Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News say something about how, in the next half-hour, Brad Pitt will be walking Ann Curry through his new green architecture project in New Orleans. I holler into the living room, [...]

25 Worlds Weirdest Animals

25 Worlds Weirdest Animals The blobfish looks so sad, I think he needs some nuzzling.

A surprised expression

He was feeling lonely

From now on all questions will be answered with, “Because.”

For the first time in weeks Leta asked for a balloon on our trip to the grocery store this afternoon. They’re free, put out by the dozens for all the people who have to grocery shop with their 14 children in tow, and she used to ask for one each time we pulled into the [...]

Design*Sponge: bloggers’ guide to online shopping

Design*Sponge: bloggers’ guide to online shopping An impressive list of links to the best online sources for things like wallpaper, artwork, furniture and lighting. Part two of the guide is here.

Grinny llama

Old power meter


Last night was the last time GEORGE! slept under our roof as a tenant. This morning he left for Texas where he will be going to school next month. Since some of my more recent readers don’t know this, GEORGE! is my 22-yr-old half-cousin, half because his dad and my mom have a different father. [...]