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February 2007

Video for Hot Chip’s “Over and Over”

Video for Hot Chip’s “Over and Over” I bought Hot Chip’s album The Warning and have not stopped listening to it for the last two weeks straight. This is a really great song. A little nutty. See also the video for “And I Was a Boy From School.”

Emigration Canyon

35 months and counting

My sister, September, turned 37 years old yesterday, and over the weekend we celebrated her birthday and Leta’s upcoming birthday at my mom’s house with my side of the family. I was in charge of the cake, which says a lot about my family, that they are no longer afraid of my evil liberal germs, [...]

Jim Flora Album Covers

Jim Flora Album Covers “Flora’s album covers pulsed with angular hepcats bearing funnel-tapered noses and shark-fin chins who fingered cockeyed pianos and honked lollipop-hued horns.” Better seen than described.

Gus Gus, a Great Pyrenees we met at the park this weekend

Because I’m always looking for ways to make my father proud

I’m still reading all of the email and comments that you wrote about potty-training, and I cannot thank you enough for adding your thoughts. I had asked Jon before I wrote last week’s post if he thought it was the right thing to do, to share this experience, because I have been harshly criticized in [...]

Pushmepullyou Design Posters

Pushmepullyou Design Posters Gorgeous screenprints. They remind me of some of Charley Harper’s work. I just bought this one to hang in the dining room. (via Camilla)

Old Man Winter

The Subway Turnstile Pictures

The Subway Turnstile Pictures “At the moment that the subjects passed through the turnstile, unknown to them, I took their picture stationed at a distance of eleven feet.” An ingenious portrait of humanity. Very raw.