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If this doesn’t make sense to you that’s okay, it means you routinely get out of the house unlike some of us.

Keep it to the knees, please!

Posters about modesty and grooming standards for students at BYU (oops, I think I might have killed their server) Oh dear. A reader named Jenny sent me a link to this Flickr photo which then led to some bad memories and a little bit of digging, and that’s when I found the website for the [...]

Convex star mirror

I have an obsession with sunburst-style accessories (if you do a search on ebay you can find the coolest clocks), so when I saw this relatively new piece ($49) at West Elm I ordered one immediately. I already own this sunburst wire wall art piece that they sell. Makes the interior feel just a bit [...]

Part of your world

Jon’s sister gave Leta this large plastic Little Mermaid doll that she carries everywhere. Only recently has she started to pronounce Ariel like it’s supposed to sound, whereas for months she’s referred to her as AWOL. God help us all if Leta finds out that Chuck has snuggled with this doll, we’d have to break [...]

Horizon in the high desert

Leta and I drove out by ourselves to my mother’s cabin in the high desert over the holiday (Jon was feeling very ill, part of the reason I left him home to go grocery shopping with Leta on that nighttime journey through Self-Checkout Hell). My mother watched her for a couple of hours so I [...]