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Looking forward to a thrilling game of Candy Land

My friend, Leah, is visiting for the weekend, and when she arrived last night Leta started showing off immediately. Meaning, she started firing off poop jokes. Except, Leta is still unfamiliar with the concept of a joke, so her delivery went something like this: “Hey! Watch this!” And then she’d scream, “POOP!” We laughed only [...]

Alphabet rubber stamps

This year I bought several rolls of brown mailing paper that I’m going to use to wrap presents, and then I’ll add colored ribbon and notes with these rubber stamps to give each gift a unique design flourish. Like, TO: MOM, FROM: SATAN. With a big red bow. I bought these exactly a year ago [...]

Stretchy Mahkittydog

Whenever I ask Chuck if he’d like breakfast he tries to pretend that he’s not very interested by yawning and then stretching his entire body. By the time I’ve poured a scoop of food into his bowl, however, he’s usually got a foot-long string of drool dripping out the side of his mouth. He needs [...]

Gloomy weekend ahead

All of the snow has melted, and the new storm that has crawled in is only bringing rain. Cold, depressing rain. Time to put Radiohead on repeat.