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Because I couldn’t say it on the phone

I was recently at lunch with a few friends, one who had just been diagnosed with OCD that manifests itself in a need to straighten up everything around her, and I was all really? That’s considered OCD? Because I thought that was just considered BEING ALIVE. And because she hasn’t ever read this website she [...]

Hand-painted gift tags

My friend, Annie, can do amazing things with watercolors, and last year for Christmas she gave me a handful of these one-of-a-kind gift tags, all hand-painted. They’re so adorable that I’m hesitant to attach them to a gift where they will be ripped off and tossed out with the garbage. Annie doesn’t have an online [...]


Chuck resembles Santa’s Little Helper more than he does Scooy-Doo, but we’re limited here by what they hand out in Wendy’s Kid’s Meals.

A gift from a neighbor

The leaves on this poinsettia are so richly red that I could not get the camera to focus automatically. So I switched it to manual focus, held my breath to keep still, and hoped for the best.