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Looks like we may have a white Christmas

Another storm came through last night and dumped over six inches of snow. When it first started rolling across the valley late yesterday afternoon, the clouds looked like the ones in the South that bring tornadoes, and right as it starting snowing the whole sky lit up with lightning. I’ve never in my life witnessed [...]

Seasonal citrus

The whole time we were trying to get this shot, Leta was dancing around the living room singing the ABC song off key, as loud as she could scream. I did the dog-wrangling so that Jon could take the photo, but he kept putting the camera down and taking deep breaths because “it’s hard to [...]

Decorative ribbon

I found these in the $1.00 shelves at the front of Target and grabbed a handful because it’s hard to find ribbon that isn’t obnoxiously literal or tacky. I’ll be able to use these for Christmas wrapping and then later in the year for birthdays, Father’s Day, and various baby showers, and perhaps to make [...]