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Triumphant return of The Llama

When I posted this photo back at the beginning of August I was flooded with email saying that Chuck resembled a llama quite convincingly. So I thought we’d try to recreate that look. Turned out it’s quite easy.

Feeding an obsession

On Friday morning we dropped Leta off at my mother’s house so that we could spend a few hours snowboarding, and when we returned she was clutching a Cinderella DVD to her chest, her knuckles white from the strain. I looked disapprovingly at my mother because I had given her explicit instructions before we left [...]

Leone cinnamon candy

This tiny box of candy was part of the massive basket of goodies Leah brought with her when she visited last week, and I instantly fell in love with the elegant, retro packaging. I think I’ll keep the box sealed and leave it next to my keyboard for future design inspiration. Or maybe I will [...]

Shepherds watched their flocks by night

Getting ready to play his part in the Christmas pageant.

Christmas came early

Yesterday I received the Radiohead In Rainbows discbox I ordered a few months ago. It cost 40 pounds, and it is phenomenal: comes with the album on CD and on 2 X 12 inch vinyl records, a second CD with news songs and photographs, an artwork and lyric booklet, all encased in a hardback book [...]

After tucking her in and turning on the night light

“Mama, can I wake up after I’m done sleeping?” “Yes, I will allow that. But just this once.”

DIY gift tags

I bought a 100-count package of Avery marking tags at an office supply store and a holiday-themed stamp set at a local stationary store so that I could make unique tags for our gifts this year. Thought I’d put a little more effort into it than scribbling someone’s name directly onto the wrapping paper with [...]

Wet cat

You can’t hear it, but there was a lot of mad meowing going on.

Profile against the Christmas tree

Saturday night, about an hour before bedtime, after a long day of taking it easy.

Modern love letter

I was rummaging around one of the boxes that I keep up high in a closet, one full of old notes and concert tickets, when I found this insert I made for the first mix CD I ever gave to Jon. It was 2001, I was working at one of my favorite jobs at a [...]