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The new house came with a lovely lilac tree

Moving forward

Yesterday I spent nearly seven hours at the old house dusting windowsills and mopping very dirty floors. I’m thinking that anyone who is interested in buying a house should maybe check and see if the owners suffer a bit of OCD, because the woman who is buying our house is so getting the benefits of [...]

Video for Shitdisco’s “OK”

Video for Shitdisco’s “OK” Excellent concept for a music video.

Isabelle Arsenault Illustration

Isabelle Arsenault Illustration Gorgeous illustration portfolio.

“Helping” with the yard work

I needed some help making a salad

Brief exchange right before bedtime last night

“Goodnight, Leta. I love you.” “Goodnight, Mama. Merry Christmas!”

This pretty much sums up cats in one photo

This pretty much sums up cats in one photo I don’t know why, but this hit me in the right spot this morning and I can’t stop giggling.

And then they shared a strawberry poptart