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June 2007

Taxidermy Art

Taxidermy Art I don’t even know what to say. And also, can’t decide which is my favorite, “The Main Event” carcass art, the preserved cat head, or the mummified Chupacabra. (thanks, Carrie)

Fingers crossed

“I didn’t want to talk about it while it was happening, because I was afraid that the act of talking about it would make it stop happening.” “I didn’t know you were such a superstitious person.” “That’s just it! I’m not normally… actually, I should probably admit that I am superstitious, just in case denying [...]

Never happier


He is still wearing the shoes he bought in 1989

We hosted my family on Monday night for a Memorial Day barbecue, and it was the first time all, or at least most of my family has been in my house at the same time. The old house was just too small to have everyone over, especially since we’re all pretty big people who tend [...]

My Lawyer Advised Me Not to Respond

My Lawyer Advised Me Not to Respond “I defy anyone to survive that kind of aural onslaught, much less have the raw courage to grab a recorder from a child and play a quick tune from their toddlerhood to calm them and force them to realize that they’re never going to play the recorder with [...]

Thriving despite

A man, his dog, and his truck

Brought to you by SPF 50

We celebrated the holiday weekend by driving out to my mother’s cabin in the desert and spending a few days with several members of my family. It was nice to get away, but it was even nicer to be around a group of people who are so dramatic that you would never have been able [...]