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July 2007


This is the funniest thing in the world to a three-year-old

My uniform for the rest of the summer

While picking up some pool supplies at Kmart this morning I noticed a rack of swimsuits that were on sale. I only own one swimsuit, and since we’re in and out of the pool quite often I decided to pick up a new one. Because the feeling of putting on a wet swimsuit is at [...]

Text messages saved in my phone, vol. 6

Text messages saved in my phone, vol. 6 “I am at a party and this dude named Tom is really into me. 2 yrs ago he added an H so now he is Thom. Is this what I deserve? Are you there god it’s me.”

Our very civilized pool. Underneath the basketball hoop.

Can I get some privacy, please?

Pink Prank Project

Pink Prank Project “Our friend Jacob who is a bit arty went to New York for a week. We got hold of his keys and turned his tiny and messy flat into an art installation.” Awesome.

Still life with inner tube

Sunset over the city