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And the smell of chlorine fills the air

This weekend we bought a rather large above-ground pool and set it up directly beneath the basketball hoop on the back patio. Which isn’t a problem for me or Jon because a basketball hoop is as useful to us as a third nipple. It does, however, sort of handicap our ability to host my family [...]

The Kentucky Waterfall

The Kentucky Waterfall Artist Matt Hooker documents his mullet, and in doing so reminds me very much of my relatives. (thanks, Rebecca)

Sunday in the park

Up to no good

This one taken by Jon.

What family is for

“I was serious. If you or one of your brothers don’t do something to deface my body at my funeral, I will have grossly overestimated the quality of our relationship.” “I’m not going to take my socks off at your funeral and then stick them in your casket. That would just be gross.” “That was [...]

Jeff Buckley, “Last Goodbye”

Jeff Buckley, “Last Goodbye” It’s been ten years since he died. Still one of my favorite songs.

Late afternoon drink

This one taken by Jon.

Library Square, Downtown Salt Lake City

Shared DNA

GEORGE! and I are driving back from the grocery store when Leta, who is sitting in the backseat, starts rattling off a long list of demands, stopping just short of an Oompa Loompa. I can’t hear her at all over the hum of the air conditioning, so I turn it down, twist my head so [...]

Music Stars’ Real Names

Music Stars’ Real Names Akon’s real name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam. Dude totally hated filling out the name portion on standardized tests, I’m thinking.