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Wiener poopie

Local news coverage of what happened when a woman lost Jesus There are so many reasons why this is one of the best videos on the Internet that I almost can’t count that high. (thanks, Telari)

What if, say, the main character dies at the end of chapter one?

Scene from the BBC comedy “That Mitchell and Webb Look” depicting exactly what it’s like to work with an editor. I mean, it’s not exactly like this, but it’s something like this, but not totally this, but yeah, you know? I know of at least five people off the top of my head who are [...]

Kerastase Ciment Thermique

This is one of my favorite hair-care products, a leave-in heat-activated reconstructing milk for weakened hair. The climate in Utah is incredibly hard on my hair and leaves it brittle, dry and unmanageable. I apply the tiniest amount of this product after a shower, and when I blow it dry this makes my hair feel [...]

Four years old

Leta’s birthday was yesterday, and at the family party we threw for her on Saturday night she was showered with a million pieces of princess paraphernalia. This is not something I am actively encouraging, it is something I am tolerating because it brings her so much damn happiness.

No, Chuck is not dead

I’ve received many frantic emails since I uploaded February’s masthead from concerned readers who think that I was announcing Chuck’s death. THIS IS NOT THE CASE, INTERNET. The masthead is referencing the birthday of this website, February 2001, and that it is now seven years old. Chuck turns six years old next month, and even [...]