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Rescued Iraqi dog coming to America (update: here is a link to a video of the story by the local news in San Diego [thanks, Jessica]) It’s just a news story, alas, and not a video about a Marine who saves a dog in Iraq, although I would like to see a dramatic recreation of [...]

Vintage decanter with matching glasses

Another find fromThe Green Ant (if you are an SLC local and haven’t been there, you are going to cry when you realize what you’ve been missing). I just love the shape and curve of these vessels, plus they are incredibly heavy and sturdy. I’ll probably fill this with bourbon, because when I was last [...]

Some much needed one-on-one time

Jon took Coco to the vet very early this morning and dropped her off for a festive day of vaccinations and removal of her reproductive organs. So when Chuck woke up and crawled out of his cave he wasn’t greeted with a projectile piranha aimed at his neck. We celebrated this rare moment of calm [...]

Catching up

Something strange and unfortunate is going on with Leta’s sleep schedule, and she’s now taking cat naps late in the day. Probably because during the night she wakes up at 2AM and won’t go back to sleep until 5 or 6AM. Every night. We’re walking a tightrope because we want her to try to go [...]