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Is this happening to your dog?

Every spring and fall Chuck loses his coat, but this season seems to be far worse than any other. There is dog hair everywhere, and you can’t sit on any surface in the house without getting up and looking like you just rolled around in hay. But we have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, the kind [...]

More stuff

The dreaded Polly Pockets phase has begun, and now our house is being overrun by tiny plastic shoes and mini-skirts. Leta is not good at putting things away unless we threaten over and over again that we’re going to throw it all away. So there’s all this crap lying around that Coco loves to chew [...]

This episode features small quantities of learning

Leta is pushing a heavy toy down the hallway when the far side of it bumps right into Chuck’s back. He’s been sleeping on the floor, and although Leta keeps nudging him with the toy he won’t move. She finally screams, “CHUCK! MOVE, PLEAAAAAASE!” Isn’t that considerate of her to ask so politely. Chuck thoughtfully [...]

Hand-felted iPhone cozie

Jon and I have been huge fans hicksdesign for years, often turning to their work for design inspiration, and recently they (meaning Leigh Hicks) started selling a line of handmade cozies that very much appeals to the kid in me. You can read about how she dyes the wool and then makes the felt for [...]

You rang?

Yesterday the camera crew asked if we could have Chuck demonstrate his widely acclaimed balancing talent, so we looked around for something we haven’t yet tried and came up with Handset Number 2. Hey Chuck, could you bring me the wireless phone? Because the fact that it’s wireless isn’t convenient enough.

If Reese Witherspoon’s chin ever needed a stunt double I think I know where she could find one

The lovely Mary Fulginiti flew in from Los Angeles yesterday to interview me for the piece that will run on Nightline and Good Morning America next week. Jon was able to sneak in a few shots, and the camera crew did such an amazing job lighting the room that I want them to follow me [...]

Welcoming all the new local readers

Leta calls this making funny faces on the computer. I call this exactly why I deserve to be the next American Idol.

The blogger blogging her blog

Good Morning America is in my house right now standing behind me getting video footage of how badly I type. It’s the standard shot of the blogger blogging, and if the producer got back to the studio in New York without this footage her boss would be all HOW WILL WE KNOW SHE IS A [...]

Can’t update. Terrified.

I think this is the final camera crew that’s going to come through, and even if it isn’t I’m not ever going to say the word BLOG again. MY ONLINE INTERNET BLOG SITE. LOG ON. (this segment will run on Good Morning America and Nightline next week, I’ll let you know when)

For all the new people visiting because they saw that five-second clip on FOX 13

Every night we have a ritual where we eat a pot of edamame and watch the national news. Yesterday after I posted a portion of a grocery receipt I got a lot of concerned email wondering just how much edamame we go through on any given day. And the answer is a lot, probably more [...]