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The view from our hotel in Vancouver

Oh, Canada. You finally got television you can pause. Next mission: GET YOURSELVES A TARGET. Because then I’m going to start looking at real estate across the border.

What’s your comfort level?

Maggie thought long and hard about whether or not to use the term BLOW JOB on her website. This was the crux of our presentation in Vancouver.

Stainless steel flatware

Jon’s sister, Julie, gave us a full set of Reed & Barton flatware as a housewarming gift (we eloped, and I never had a wedding shower). This particular style is called a fishscale, and I do not think we will ever need another set of flatware for as long as we live, the quality is [...]

Look up here!

Again capturing Coco’s signature head tilt. Many of you have asked how much bigger we think Coco will get, and judging by the size of her parents we think this is about it. She’s maybe 25 pounds, 10 pounds lighter than Chuck. Considering how she shoots like a rocket from the foot of our bed [...]