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LDS Temple shot glass

Last night a reader named Sarah came to the book signing and handed me this little treasure. Jon and I have been looking for a temple-themed shot glass since we moved back to Utah, so I might have been a wee bit more excited than it is acceptable to be about a shot glass. After [...]

Fairy princess

A reader named Karen in Austin (hi, Karen!) sent these wings to Leta, and no, I did not tell Leta I was going to let Chuck wear them. That would have caused a lot of unnecessary protest, and I thought I’d give my ears a rest. Although maybe I should show her this picture and [...]

A little corner of the world

My good friend, Cami, came with us to the book signing last night to take photos for us, and here she captured me with a couple of kids from Provo, and I use the term kids affectionately. Leta calls her friends “my kids” so I’m stealing her idea. That’s my sister, September, the one with [...]