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Hand-painted porcelain condiment bowls

I picked these up for an absolute steal at an antiques shop in Northern California several months ago, and I keep them on the sill of the window right above our kitchen sink. I use them whenever I need a quick container for something, sometimes to hold a handful of grapes or cherry tomatoes, sometimes [...]

Coco’s second day on the job

Putting this shirt on Chuck would have been too easy, but getting Coco to sit still in such a way that you could make out the words was a bit of a project management nightmare. After about 50 different shots Jon and I both gave up and decided you could read the words enough. She’ll [...]

Deprivation never tasted so good

This is what I had today for lunch on this, the fourth day of my cleanse. (I had two of these) It’s a hard corn tortilla (the only kind I could find that did not have any added sugar), vegetarian refried beans, roasted and minced garlic, fresh tomatoes, plus an avocado mashed up with salt. [...]