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Wedding quilt

This was the quilt Jon’s mother made and gave to us when we got married, and if you could see the tiny details you would, like me, want to take a nap from the idea of how much work went into this. For a while these colors matched the palette of my entire house, and [...]


This is the only clear photograph I could get of Coco in the pink Kitty Wig. Chuck is sitting right next to me going I’LL DO IT, I’LL DO IT, NO REALLY, PICK ME, PICK ME. And that would have been much easier, for sure, but we gotta learn this dog up good some time.

My miraculous powers of fish ownery

The fish is still alive. This surprises no one more than me. And now I’m afraid that I’ve become so attached to him that if anything ever happened to him I’d have a hard time recovering from it. Maybe it’s because I can tell him all my problems and he doesn’t try to fix it [...]