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The outnumbered men in this family

Jon likes to put on a really brave face and pretend that he doesn’t miss the dogs as much as I do when we travel, but that’s total bullshit. And you shouldn’t believe him.

Handmade octopus dress

I found this dress at an Etsy shop called Tuff as Snails while searching for girl’s dresses. I love the octopus print and the lovely blue ribbon, but Leta’s favorite part is the blue buttons which she fidgeted with for a half hour this morning before school. I wanted her to wear her white sandals [...]

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco

This was the third time I’ve seen Wilco, but the first time I was close enough to see all of their facial expressions. Interestingly, the Canadian band Broken Social Scene played this stage before Wilco, and as they were leaving the stage Kevin Drew, one of the fourteen hundred members of the band, thanked the [...]