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Here’s your mommyblogging

Yesterday I met a woman who told me that earlier this year she had taken her two young sons on a trip from Utah to New Zealand. On a plane. I specify that part because the only way I think I could travel that far with young kids in such a confined space would be [...]

Recycled tunic dress

I was actually browsing Etsy shops in bed one morning looking again for clothing for Leta when she looked over at my screen, pointed specifically at this dress and said I LOVE THAT ONE. It’s from a shop called CourtneyCourtney, and the artist uses new and recycled fabrics. That day Leta’s favorite color was red, [...]

My delicate little flower

Jon captured this shot of Coco this morning after she and Chuck spent a good half hour wrestling in the backyard, and the juxtaposition is a little funny because she had just flipped Chuck over on his back and dragged him by the neck across the concrete on the porch.

Regina Spektor

Holy crap, is this woman amazing live. She sang her first song a cappella, occasionally tapping her forefinger into the microphone to establish a beat, and this sent the crowd nuts. Several women in the front row were so frenzied that they reminded me of the videos of teenagers seeing The Beatles for the first [...]