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On being a better homemaker

For the last five days I did the solo parent thing while Jon visited a friend in Tennessee, and the whole experience just knocked me over, sat on top of me and then farted in my face. And it just reminded me that single parents are superheroes and should have parades in their honor every [...]

Leta E.

I was putting her to bed last night, told her I loved her and that her father loved her. He’s been out of town for a few days, and she said, “Um, I miss Daddy, right?”

Sage Toile Dress

I found this dress for Leta at the Kate Emerson Designs Etsy shop, and the reason Leta isn’t modeling it like all of the others I found recently is because I made the mistake of telling Jon to dress her, and he couldn’t figure out how to cinch the top of the dress so that [...]


Could not get her to look at me or the camera because Chuck was sitting behind me taunting her with his bone, and that look on her face is her brain doing computations, trying to figure out how much energy it would require to jump over my head. And will it be worth it when [...]