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Right before the evening walk

The instructions were: Chuck, down, stay. And then I left the room to find his leash, and when I got back Coco was lying right there with her paws draped over his. Without any prompting. Because she must be touching him AT ALL TIMES. This doesn’t drive Chuck crazy at all.


This is the bundle of wires hanging between two telephone poles near our house. I find it oddly beautiful, but at the same time I’m all, you’d think we could come up with a better, perhaps more compact solution to this because one big wind storm and boom, you’ve got a bit of a mess [...]

Capiz shell plate

This is another gift from Jon for Christmas, hand-made plates made out of shells in my favorite shade of green. I have several dishes like this scattered throughout the house (on the table beside the front door, next to my bed, etc.) that I use as a place to throw my keys or extra hair [...]

Cold puppy nose

Yes, he is no longer a puppy, but sometimes we can’t help referring to him as one, just like sometimes it seems right to call him Muffin.

Hamilton eyes

This is Benny, my brother’s youngest child. He’s soon to be the fourth of five kids because my sister-in-law is due in a few weeks with another baby boy. Sadly, Benny has grown hair in the last year which has made it increasingly difficult to fit his entire head in my mouth.

Daydreaming of palm trees

So I hop into the shower at about 6 PM last night in preparation for dinner guests who would be over in less than a half hour. That’s my way of showing people I really care about them, taking the time to bathe — well, that’s one way. If you show up to my house [...]

Handmade invitation

These are the invitations to our New Year’s Eve party that I designed in Illustrator, printed out, cut into 5 X 7 sheets and spray-mounted to black card stock. A little labor intensive, yes, but I think they turned out fairly well. We also ran the envelopes through the printer so that the addresses would [...]

An endless supply of energy

It is impossible to tire Coco out, no matter how many walks we take her on or how many times she wrestles with Chuck, she will wake up at 5 AM ready to party.

I’ll read it to you

A shot of Leta during the bedtime ritual. She no longer wants us to read the stories to her because she’s perfectly capable of reading them by herself, thank you very much. According to her, every book goes, “Disney Princesses, Disney Princesses, Disney Princesses, the end.”

Measure twice, cut once

Rules of thumb “The goal of this website is to gather every rule of thumb on earth into one gargantuan, easily searchable online reference database that will be accessible from anywhere in the world and continue to grow forever.” Here are a few of my favorites: “A clear idea is one that fits on the [...]