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In loving memory of Misha

I’m always struck by how much a thicket of Aspens looks like the legs of a bunch of elephants milling about. And every year when we take these drives to look at the colors I’m compelled to take a photo almost exactly like this one, trying to capture what, I don’t know. Something about the [...]

Earth-bound misfit

I told him that the bowl of baking soda I set on the coffee table wasn’t a bowl of powdered sugar, but did he listen?

Double Old-Fashioneds, Set of 8

I found this set of lead-crystal barware at a local antique shop earlier this year for under $30, and snatched it up immediately. They’re perfect for double bourbons on the rocks, and a similar set at a big name retail store could cost upwards of $50-$75 for something so well made. So I consider myself [...]