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May 2008

Sterling silver longhorn pendant

Back in March when I held a meet and greet in Austin I had the wonderful fortune of meeting a reader named Dana who was wearing the most lovely necklace. I commented on how striking it was, and because sometimes the people you meet on the Internet are so incredibly kind she sent me one [...]

More BOOM!ing

This bush hangs over our neighbor’s fence into our front yard, and at the risk of having someone report me to the garden police I’m going to admit that I cut off a branch and brought it inside. I STOLE A BRANCH. There. And serving time will be worth it because it is the most [...]

Jon’s little buddy

Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk? Walk?

Three, two, one…

There was this one time when I asked a whole bunch of people if they would help me put together a book, some of them close friends, others whose work I had admired for years, and I remember one exchange in particular when this one guy said SURE! and the excitement I experienced was not [...]

Would sir desire a tart?

Come on. Look at how proud this dog is of his craft. His reward is a job well done!

“Barely Tangible” archival print

This is a print I bought several months ago from the Restless Things etsy shop from a link I found through Holly at decor8. She recently referenced that etsy shop again, and I remembered I hadn’t yet featured this print in my style section. I love collage-type work and if you’ve seen any of my [...]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Carol’s son, Harry, came over yesterday to play our Wii for about an hour while she ran some errands, and when she returned she asked how things had gone. I let her know that in that hour I had heard Harry speak more words than in the entire four years I’ve known him. “He had [...]

Total goosebumps

The following is a video of Prince covering Radiohead’s “Creep” at Coachella over the weekend. It is the audio equivalent of a Reese’s peanut butter cup: two great tastes that you didn’t think could get any better, and then some genius comes up with the idea to eat them both at the same time. Thom [...]

Handmade napkins refashioned from secondhand sheets

I ordered these from the cakehouse etsy shop last week, and when they came in the mail and I opened the package I squealed. There was actual squealing. And when Jon saw them he agreed that I was not overreacting. I found the cakehouse shop from a link off design*sponge, and what I love best [...]