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Animal print heels

I found these Liz Claiborne heels on the sale rack at Stein Mart, and the stars must have been aligned because they were the only pair and they were in my size. And they cost about no dollars. Jon thinks these are pushing it a bit and that it’s clear I’m slowly transforming into my [...]


Chuck is always so excited to go stay at the kennel that when we exit the freeway and turn onto the road leading to the facility he knows exactly where we are and where we’re going. And then he starts crying with anticipation. Dude doesn’t even look back wistfully as we wave goodbye. I think [...]

Where the MY STUFF! gene came from

This is what happens when you send Jon out on an errand to pick up one specific thing. In this instance he was supposed to return home with a wireless router, but when he pulled into the driveway the car almost tipped over from the massive weight of all the other stuff he picked up. [...]

A change in perspective

The winter that we just lived through has changed the way I will look at rain forever. No longer do I hear rain on the roof and go, yuck. Rain is no longer gloomy. Rain? It’s not snow. Which makes it the most wonderful possible substance.

Come say hello in Vancouver!

Tomorrow morning Jon and I are heading to Vancouver for the weekend where I will be speaking at Vidfest with the lovely Maggie Mason. I haven’t been back to Vancouver since the trip we took in 2005, and I am so eager to break out the camera and go crazy there again. It remains one [...]

The Princess and the Pea

My friend, Johanna, gave this book to Leta as a belated birthday present. It’s an incredibly cute version of The Princess and the Pea that features color photographs of a cleverly designed, three-dimensional miniature world of paper dolls, so instead of being illustrated, it’s photographed. And the sets for each photograph are magical. Leta loves [...]


You cannot imagine the noise going on in our house this morning. Coco very much wants Chuck’s rawhide bone. Chuck very much does not want her to have it. She’s crying. He’s growling. Jon picked up the phone to call the company that hosts this website because of some technical issues, and when a customer [...]

An abrupt change of subject

I was on the phone with a friend the other day when she asked how everything was going with Coco. This is the same friend who waxes my eyebrows, and I think I’d been in her house the previous week moaning about being up all night because Coco would not stop making a noise that [...]

Rose ring

I picked this up at the Cog and Pearl when I was in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago, and it fits well into the collection of other rose rings that I have in beige, black, and melon. I’m a bit predictable that way, and if I find a shirt that I absolutely love I’ll [...]

Security detail

If we left the front door open like this all day neither of these two dogs would move from that spot. But there is this inevitable sequence of events that happens whenever we open the front door, someone will walk by, or maybe a leaf will blow across the driveway, we never know, but Coco [...]