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July 2008

My heart’s beating like a rabbit

A little over a month ago some good people from Nintendo came to my house and threw a Wii Fit party. My job was to gather up ten of my friends and prepare them to be humiliated by their Wii Fit age, something determined by your BMI/weight, your age, and some balancing acts that would [...]

Wii Giveaway Sweepstakes Rules

Official Rules for’s Wii Fit Giveaway NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. Open to legal residents of the Continental United States & Canada. Entrants must be 18 and older as of 06/01/08. How to Enter: 1. To enter the “ Wii Fit Giveaway,” [...]

Yolo Colorhouse paint

This is a can of an environmentally friendly paint, Yolo Water #7, that was used on the south wall of our office (seen here). I was amazed, first, by how fast it dried, and second, by the fact that is was almost completely odorless. Their selection of colors isn’t nearly as vast as other brands [...]

Silly rabbit

She’s about three times the size she was when we first brought her home in January, and that has become a problem in the mornings when she likes to jump directly from the floor onto the bed, usually landing right on top of one of us. Many times hitting us squarely in the crotch. This [...]


My mother had our family and my sister’s family over for dinner on Saturday night, and this is one of my sister’s seven-year-old twins. Pizza was on the menu, and my mother called beforehand to determine whether or not that was something I could eat. I told her I’d remove any topping I didn’t want [...]

Antique fan

I picked this up at a local antique shop, and because it doesn’t actually work I have it sitting on the buffet table in the entryway. I’ve been told that it’s a frivolous object because it no longer serves any purpose, but I don’t see how this is any different than any other piece of [...]

Say what?

Would sir desire some rock and roll?

The way the blue could pull me in

This morning I managed to convince Leta that it was a good idea to wear her hair in a ponytail by telling her that many princesses wear their hair back from their faces, just like this. After I pulled it up she wandered over to our full-length mirror, inspected herself, and then announced, “I’d like [...]

Handmade pencils from Nepal

A reader named Margo sent me these gorgeous handcrafted pencils, and I think they may make my handwriting more legible just by virtue of their beauty. The paper used to create these “is made from the paper of the Daphne bush using locally grown materials, simple technology and ancient skills that protect the fragile ecological [...]