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Giant yellow territorial delineation in three… two… one…

Brrrrrr hah herrr herr herrr

Forecast says more of this for the next seven days, and it’s not even officially winter yet. We may have to get in the car and drive south again in the next couple of months, and by south I mean AUSTRALIA.

14 weeks

I am as large at 14 weeks this pregnancy as I was at five months with Leta. It probably doesn’t help that we took this shot not twenty minutes after I had eaten an entire plate of classic nachos at Chili’s. I’ve been craving beans and cheese, and conveniently Leta has wanted to have nachos [...]

Lovely pig leather key fob

I found this hand-cut and hand-stitched fob at the LeatherPrince Etsy shop and had a hard time deciding on the pig or an elephant or a frog or a hedgehog. There was just something about the pig, though, and even though this makes it impossible to shove my keys into my pocket, it also makes [...]


This photo was in no way staged, and instead of lying on an area of the bed unoccupied by a remote control, he said screw it, this is where I want to be. And when we walked in he was watching Cinemax.

Michael Ranger

I hope that anyone from high school who googles my brother’s name, Michael Ranger Hamilton, finds this page.

A Year of Mornings

A Year of Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart is a collection of 236 images from Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes, two women who live on opposite ends of the country (3191 miles apart) who would take photographs every morning before 10 AM and post them to a blog. It was basically a conversation in [...]

The Classic Shot of Coco

Ingredients: 1) her head is cocked to the side, 2) she has something in her mouth, 3) her front legs and back legs are not on the same plane, and 4) she is not looking directly at you, an indication that she’s about to try something really stupid. Many thanks to Jon for taking this [...]

The big dig out

Over the weekend it snowed about ten inches, and then today it snowed another eight. Jon broke the snowblower Saturday afternoon by pushing it over the newspaper, so he wasn’t able to get out and take care of the mess until later today. Thank God we weren’t issued a citation for late snow removal like [...]

Gift Guide 2008

I’ve recently received several frantic emails from guys who are either married or are dating readers of this website asking if I might put together a holiday gift guide. One guy even suggested that if I didn’t do so his wife would certainly get socks for Christmas, and then it would be my fault that [...]