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The second second trimester

Sometimes life rolls along such that Jon and I do not even realize how different it is to live with a child who can communicate her needs and understand that others around her have their own. We get up in the morning, pour her a bowl of cereal, and settle in for a peaceful breakfast, [...]


Me: “Leta, today is a very important day.” Leta: “But why?” Me: “Because we’re getting a new president.” Leta: “What kind of new president?!” Me: “His name is Barack Obama.” Leta: “… what did you say?” Me: “BARACK OBAMA.” Leta: “That is a really silly name, Mom.”

OY VEY custom onesie

Natalie, the owner of the Onesie-Twosie Etsy shop, sent over this custom onesie for the baby, and my first thought was, oh my god, she’s going to be that small? Natalie’s shop is full of custom onesies and toddler tees that would make great baby shower gifts, although I doubt the kid will know to [...]