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If you’re anything like me, you’ve got one in every room and each is set to a different time. 1. Splat Green Bamboo Modern Wall Clock Keith Moore $45 2. Twice clock Show $100 3. Retro Wall Clock Wrapables $69.95 4. Orange Bouquet Wall Hanging Clock Decoylab $28 5. Doily Clock Brenda Rose {and furthermore} [...]


Turns out I have a small problem with hoarding magazines. I’ve saved so many, in fact, that we’ve run out of places to store them. So I’ve got stacks of them lined up against the wall in the living room. Turns out Coco understands this neurosis and spends a good portion of her day guarding [...]


It’s a tradition at Leta’s preschool for anyone celebrating a birthday to hold this model of Earth while walking around a table holding a candle (symbolizing the sun). During this journey all the other kids sing Happy Birthday. Leta was a little uncomfortable with all the attention, and I wanted to go, kid, try having [...]