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Eliminating checked baggage

Ever since the FAA instated regulations on the amount of liquid you can carry onboard an airplane, I’ve been having to check at least one piece of luggage every time I fly because of all my hair-care products. I just haven’t been organized enough to find three-ounce containers for everything, at least not until last [...]

After calling her name in a high-pitched squeal

I wonder if we should all tell him where that tongue’s been.

The Princess Computer

This was Leta’s big Christmas present, something she had begged for all year long. We hid it in the hall closet and then sent her on a scavenger hunt to find clues to its location, a tradition carried over from my own childhood. At the end of her five-clue, four-room hunt when she saw the [...]

Adding up the frequent flyer miles

Starting this Sunday my life is being swallowed whole by a month-long travel blitz that will take me from New York to Seattle and back, a reality I am trying to come to terms with considering that the eighty-minute flight we recently took from Salt Lake City to Orange County just about killed me. They [...]

Call center

The Blurbodoocery decided to outsource its customer service.

The four of us

Had to pose for the obligatory family shot on the beach (many thanks to Katey for capturing this) while on vacation last week, and here you can see just how much my belly has popped. We actually got Leta to walk in the sand, albeit with her shoes on. But this is progress! Next thing [...]

Table lamps

Just wanted to clear up some confusion about the Daily Style section of this website: no one pays me to feature products or link to things here. That’s not how this works. And when I feature collections like this one I’m not being paid by any manufacturer or corporation to insert their products into the [...]

The secret to our clean floors

Coco still sleeps in a crate next to our bed, and up until we caught on to the fact that she was manipulating us we would let her out in the morning at the sound of her first cry thinking that she desperately needed to go wee. But when we clumsily made it to the [...]

Skee ball

Last week we stopped into the arcade at Balboa Beach to show Leta what life was like before the Wii, and she and Jon spent an hour and a ridiculous amount of money trying to win tickets at skee ball. So that she could turn those tickets in for a plastic frog. For the next [...]

The long-suffering older sibling

Jon picked up these newfangled Kongs at the vet recently, and here Chuck is enjoying a treat of peanut butter moments before Coco got hold of the toy and chewed it into several hundred tiny pieces. The packaging bragged that it was indestructible, but I guess I should have checked the fine print where it [...]