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Job opening

Tuesday morning we drove down to the local CBS affiliate to give an interview about my book to the news during the noon hour, and when we walked into the studios we immediately recognized the smell of Mormon Church. This is not uncommon in Utah, for certain buildings to smell of wooden pews, starch, and [...]

Innocent bystander

Do you see the severity of the angle of his ears in this photo? Has everything to do with the fact that I had just yelled at Jon and then Jon yelled at me, and Chuck is bracing for an appliance to go flying across the room. Yeah. Not a good morning.

The Red Shoes

I realize I’m probably more taken with children’s books than I am adult literature, but you’d understand why if you had a kid as obsessed with books as Leta is and had to listen to her read the same ones out loud over and over again. Yes, Disney Princesses serve their purpose, and I’ll be [...]