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Good luck charm

I’m thinking of starting a collection of photos where I capture Coco with her rabbit foot sticking straight up into the air like this, a position she assumes whenever she’s lying down. And I’ll just refer to this collection whenever I need to be reminded of how cute she is so that I don’t kill [...]

Sleep aroma mist

About a year ago I spoke at a conference in Vancouver, and one of my Canadian readers gifted me a bag of aromatherapy products including this chamomile and ylang ylang mist that I’ve recently started spraying on my pillow at night to help me sleep. The scent is absolutely divine, and I’m sure it’s totally [...]

Post demo

Here Jon is inspecting what appears to be fifty-year-old ceramic tiles that he found underneath the old vanity in our bathroom. Previous owners tiled right up to the edge of the vanity and then stopped, and of course, we’ve been to every tile store in town and can’t match that hexagonal tile. Not if we [...]